Create a plan

With your vision and statement ready, you can start creating your action plan.

Start by identifying the key step in order to achieve your dream. Don’t go into any detail at first. Just write each of them down. These will act as chapters for your plan. After you have your primary actions take each of them and go into details. Write down all activities, no matter how small.

After you have all your activities ready write how much time you think each of them will require. Set deadlines for each of them and create a timetable. You can see what activities can be done at the same time and try to fill waiting periods with other tasks.

Make a compact plan that will keep you constantly busy but without high variations when it comes to workload. Try to make your activities smooth by creating a constant flow.

A good plan will help you by creating flow and order.

Dreaming is for free

But it’s not going to give you anything tangible though.

You have to turn your dreams into reality in order to achieve something.

Dream, but also open your eyes and put in the work in order to produce results.

Make a statement

With your vision once determined, you will have to go even farther and turn it into a statement. Putting your vision on paper and letting people know about you and your dream is the next step you will have to take.

In order to achieve something great, to make your vision become true and realize your dream you will have to believe in it. You will have to see it, picture it, live with it every single day. The best thing to do is turn your vision into a statement.

Get a sheet of paper and start writing down your vision. Make it as clear as possible and as short as possible. From this you will have to create a statement, a clear message of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and what is going to happen when you do.

This will be the story of your dream. Memorize it word by word, keep it in mind and repeat it as often as possible. Share it with your parents, friends, and with anyone who asks about your dreams or goals.

Once you are able to see it, you will achieve it.

Create your vision

Now, after having chosen the dream you want to work on, it’s time to go to the next stage. It’s time to create a plan that will help you turn your dream into reality.

Creating a plan might seem like a minor stage on your path, but it’s actually an important part of what’s going to happen since everything you will do will be based on what you are going to do next. Having a good plan is one of the keys to success.

The first step in creating your plan is to create a vision. A vision is the final goal, the purpose of all the work you will be doing and the reward for your effort. While a dream consists of a desire, the vision is the step between a dream and a plan.

In order to be able to create a good, viable plan you will need to be able to picture where you want to be, to see what the results of your work will look like, to feel your success. Once you can picture your success then you can start working on the plan to get you there.

Take your time and build your vision.

Do the messy things

You can’t push your deadlines for ever. You can’t stay locked in your office all day long. You can’t avoid answering to the complains from your customers for ever. You can’t always expect someone else to tell you what to do all your life.

Every job or activity has some messy part that everyone is trying to avoid and pass it on to someone else. You could try to run and postpone it as much as possible, or you could as well step up and face it.

Many companies, good ones, try to run from negative feedback from customers. They ignore emails, don’t return calls, delete comments or posts on social networks. They try to hide the mess like it doesn’t even exist. On the other hand there are those who reply to every email, every phone call, every social network interaction.

Value comes from scarcity, from doing what others are afraid of doing. Like it or not, the messy part of every job or business is what’s going to make the difference between the good and the great.

If you want to become great you will have to get your hands dirty.