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The dream list

Dreaming is easy. All you have to do is close your eyes and let your mind fly.

On the other hand, finding your dream, the one that you want to accomplish, the one that you are willing to work hard on, even fight for, to accomplish is a totally different story.

Most people get it wrong from the start and as they move along they lose interest and give up on what they consider to be their dream just because it’s not. So, before we go any further, you have to find the dream you want to be working on.

If you already know what it is you can consider yourself lucky, but reading the next part might be useful in the future.

Start by making a list of all your dreams, all you can think of from childhood dreams to the most recent ones. Don’t restrain your mind and imagination. Dream big. Take at least 15 minutes to think about this. Dig deep and write everything down.

Usually a day is enough to have a list of at least ten dreams, so don’t hurry, take your time. It’s essential to start on the right track, so better focus on this part for a bit more than go in the wrong direction afterwards.

Prepare your list and we’ll talk more about Refining the list.