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Choosing The One

By now you should have ended up with only a few items on the list. From here on it’s only about you, your preferences and your talents.

I believe that anyone can be whatever they want, but if you are 1.5 m tall and your dream is to be the greatest basketball player of all times, I would recommend you to reconsider. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe it’s possible, but you also have to consider how probable it is for it to happen.

Now go ahead and take your list. There are a few sets of criteria that you will need to consider when making your choice. For each of them give notes from 1 to 5 and in the end make a sum. The one with the highest score should be your dream to act on and follow.

The first criterion when choosing your dream is what you like most. Imagine yourself after five, 10, 20 years from now and doing the same thing. What would your enthusiasm level be, how could your dream keep you motivated for such a long time and how happy would you be by doing it for that long?

The second criterion is related to your skills and talents. There are several possibilities: your dream is just a passion and you don’t plan to get any money out of it and you don’t have any high hopes to achieve greatness; let’s say that your dream is to have a beautiful garden behind your house – then it doesn’t really matter what your skills are. But if you plan on being a great singer you will have to take into account your inborn talents.

Last but not least is the messy things you will have to do, the work no one likes. Think about all the activities that don’t appeal much to you – you will still have to do them in order do achieve your dream.

Now that you have your scores you will have to add one more element. The last one is what your instinct tells you. Grade it from 1 to 5 like the rest and add it to the sum. There you go. You have your dream.

This was the easy part, we’ll get down to work on the rest in the next posts.