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Refining the list

After you have created your list it’s time to focus on making a decision and choosing a dream to start working on.

Before we get started on choosing the dream, you should make a difference between items on a bucket list. Dreams are life goals, something that once achieved will stay with you forever and you will keep coming back to that all your life. Items on a bucket list are just things you want to do, try, experiment once.

Now that you have removed anything that should be on your bucket list, cross out anything that’s related to making a certain amount of money. Just cut it off the list. That’s not a dream, that’s a milestone. Once you get there you will want more and so on.

Money is not a dream, it is something that you will use to help you create and develop your dream.

Now look at the list and cross out everything that you are not willing to lose a night’s sleep on, or wake up at 3 in the morning to get something done.

By now you should have narrowed it down to a few items. From among these you will have to decide that One dream. We’ll do that next.