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Always the same

There are companies that brag about offering the same services every time. No matter where you go and what you do, they offer the exact same thing.

This might be an advantage if you are McDonald’s and your customers want something fast to eat. They know what they would like to buy and no matter where they are around the world they know they can get the same thing they have at home, without any struggle or fear to try something that they might not like.

But even McDonald’s is always introducing something new, some new products, some new varieties. They adapt to the specific of each country and region, without losing the focus on their main products, but adding something specific and unique.

Clients will always appreciate your main product, the service they always come back for, but they also need something new. They need variety and diversity. People want to experiment, to try new things and unless you offer them that they will go somewhere else.

Instead of committing to offer the same product, commit to offering the same quality, the same extraordinary services, the same standards that your customers appreciate.