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Work vs play time

In the dream case scenario, people love their work, everything is fun, they play all day long doing what they enjoy. In real life, no matter how much you love your work there are always things that you don’t enjoy that much, things that you are afraid to do, but go ahead and do them nevertheless because these are the ones that bring real value to your work, routine, a client with whom you can’t have the relationship you would want.

All of these will lead to work being work, even if pleasant, and play time being the time you entirely spend having fun and enjoying yourself. I am a firm believer in balance in every single aspect of life, from diet, to spending time with friends but also meeting new people, to working out but also relaxing, to work vs play time.

In our society people tend to spend a lot more time working than playing. Many spend a lot of time making the money to buy different things – houses, cars, gadgets and other objects – but don’t spend as much time enjoying them as they spent getting the money to buy them.

Life isn’t about owning a lot of stuff or being famous or successful, it’s about enjoying, traveling, loving, building relationships, creating memories, having fun, having passions, laughing, doing crazy things; it’s about living.

Work hard but play even harder.