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Why do you do it?

The four major options on Facebook when it comes to interaction are posting something, liking what others have posted, sharing stuff and commenting. This is also true for other social networks, for blogs and also for real life. I will stick to the Facebook example but you can go ahead and apply this to everything else out there.

Posting something is your way to send your message, ideas, thoughts, feelings across to other people. This is how you can contribute, how you can inspire, motivate or just inform other people, and how you can create or help spread something. The post is the product you send out there hoping to make a change for the better.

Liking is your way to show appreciation for someone else’s idea, art, work and for the impact it had on you. This is how you can encourage other people to keep doing the things you enjoy, find useful or that you would like to see more often.

Sharing is used to show to others the work someone has done and that they don’t have access to. It is the best way get attention in order to help ideas grow, to help others trying to make a change and to help communities expand.

Comments are used to offer feedback, to debate, to criticize, to suggest improvements. This is how you can directly contribute to someone else’s work with your input.

You can do all these things or you can just use posts, likes, sharing and comments for your own interests. You can post only what will benefit you, like or share the things that when seen by others will make you look good in their eyes, or make comments to make yourself appear in a certain way.

It’s your choice if you want to contribute or you just want to market yourself. Meaningful relationships, change and progress though will only come from showing interest in others as well, not only in yourself.