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Where are you going

There is no such thing as leaders without vision. The same thing goes for entrepreneurs. You can be a good manager, an accountant or even an artist without vision but that’s it. People might admire you or your work, appreciate and respect you but they won’t follow you because there is nothing to follow without a vision.

Steven Jobs was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times and much of his success was due to his vision. He managed to see where technology was heading to when most people were still concerned with understanding it. The same goes for Martin Luther King Jr. and his vision of civil rights. He valued so highly his ideas of ending racial discrimination that it became his life purpose.

People will follow visions of greatness, wealth, happiness, peace, fairness, freedom. They will put all their effort into your idea but they need to see the same from you. You must set an example through your vision. That’s what will help you lead. Everything else will follow from here.

You can’t lead if you don’t know where you are going to.