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We are all damaged

We all have fallen, we all have failed and we all had experiences that left scars on our body or soul. Nobody is perfect, not by far, but our obsession with perfection will keep us in misery all our life trying to polish ourselves or to hide our flaws and seem perfect.

The problem with perfection is that it is worth nothing. Being perfect means just to be liked by everyone else. Once you realize this you will understand how futile it is to strive for perfection. We all are so different that it is impossible to please everyone, impossible to be liked by everyone. Setting yourself on a quest with a result that’s not even possible to achieve will only leave you disappointed.

The best you can do is accept yourself and others as they are. Accept that we are all damaged and that this is what offers us the chance to become better. Stop trying to achieve perfection and start building a better self, a better person you are proud of. Stop trying to search for the perfect person and instead try to find the ones that will make you a better person.

All you need to do is to strive for being a bit better today than you were yesterday.