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Things will never be the same again

Even as soon as tomorrow things won’t be the same as they are today. That’s a fact, no matter what we’re talking about.

Everything is changing. Every day something new comes along, some new invention, innovation. Things evolve and they are never going to be as they were.

You can try and fight a losing battle to keep things as they are. A lot of people and companies do this and they always end up being overtaken by change. No matter how hard you will try to fight the change and keep the status quo, you will only waste your time and energy.

You can also go with the tide. You can accept that change is inevitable and as it happens you can adapt to it and go with the flow. Early adopters are usually the first who do this, followed, eventually, by the ones opposing change as soon as they realize there is no way around it. They see that things are changing and they try to adjust in order to better fit the new situation.

But above these two groups there are the innovators, the crazy ones, the changers. They are the ones driving change, the ones pushing things.  They are the ones who shape the world, who get to make the rules of the game that everyone else will adapt to. And they are also the ones who are going to get rewarded and appreciated by everyone else.

Be the change you want to see in the world.