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The world of potential

We live in a world of potential. Actual value, worth, skills, knowledge, capabilities mean a lot less than the potential of development which something or someone has.

People are hired because of the potential which employers see in them. They might not be the best right now, but they can become a lot better than anyone who’s good at the moment. These are the talented employees everyone wants to have, retain, keep motivated and for which they are willing to do almost anything in order to retain them.

Start-ups sell for huge sums of money, even if they don’t have any income or their income is only a fraction of the price they are sold for. A mature company may be sold at 10 times less than a start-up even if it has a profit 100 times bigger.

An old property in the middle of the city is worth a lot more than a new, beautiful house at the edge of the town.

It’s not about what something or someone can offer now, but about the potential it has. Actual value becomes more and more about the significant future gain it can offer, rather than the tangible profit it produces now.

Focus on your development and how to achieve your potential. Forget what you think you are worth now, otherwise you will be stuck with what you believe you deserve, instead of what you are capable of. Potential beats actual value.