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The past or the future

Your present actions are dictated by the future. Most of what we do each day is in order to build our future selves, the society and the world we envision.

Everything we buy is not to satisfy a past need, but a present or a  future one. When buying a new car, a house or even clothes, will take into consideration what are you going to use it for. Does the car need to be big enough to fit a wheelchair, or does it need to be small and easy to drive in the city? Does the house need to be close to work, to the park or outside town in a peaceful area? Am I going to use these clothes for work, to go out, or jog or workout? All of these depend on your future plans. Am I going to have kids? What job am I going to have? Where is my office going to be? How often do I plan to go out or workout?

At the same time, almost all personal development choices are made by thinking about the future. If you want to become a doctor you won’t go to law school but choose a good medical school and work on the skills need to become a doctor. If you are going to have an interview tomorrow, most likely you will try to find out a few things about the company and refresh the skills and information you will need in order to get the job.

As an entrepreneur you think about what the future will bring, what people will need and want, and plan your actions based on that. Your vision of the future will dictate your actions.

Everything you have done until now, everything you have learned, everyone you have met has changed you a way or another, but everything you have done was while thinking about the future. The future defines what you are today as much as the past did.