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The myth of perfectionism

You don’t just want to have a perfect product. Perfectionism is just another excuse to postpone delivering things. You are afraid that what you’ve done won’t be good enough. You are trying to avoid criticism and failure by wanting to please everyone with the perfect product. This is what trying to be a perfectionist actually means; wanting to be liked by everyone.

You are going to lose a lot of time trying to improve something that can’t be improved any more. Even if there is still room for improvement, from a certain point on, the effort is just not worth it. You are just going to lose time and resources for something that will not bring any extra value. You might as well move on and start something new.

Trying to have a great product, a great project or wanting to do great work is all you need. Perfection is just not worth trying to achieve. It’s better to launch a product or finish work earlier, deliver, get feedback and improve from there. This is more efficient, time and cost saving, practical and even if you don’t see it now, safer.

Something is perfect until someone gets bored of it.