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The educational system is failing

The educational system is failing. It’s failing at getting the kids involved and eager to learn. It’s failing at sparking kids’ curiosity. It’s failing at offering them things they want to learn. It’s failing at keeping up with the modern society. And most of all it’s failing at offering kids the education they need.

We actually have a disorder that is “responsible” for the lack of performance in schools. “The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder “affects school-aged children … [and] may impair school performance.” It’s much easier to blame it on ADHD than to admit that kids are getting bored in class because the educational system is not working.

Kids are curious. They run from left to right to see, discover and experiment everything that’s new. They get easily distracted and try to have as much fun as possible. That’s just how kids are. It’s in their nature to explore, be curious, eager to see new things.

The system worked when you could get all the kids in one room where there were not many distractions. But now technology offers kids 24/7 access to internet, games, chat programs and pretty much anything they want, everywhere they want it – even in schools. When you have a smartphone or a tablet with you all the time it is a lot easier to get distracted, especially when what you are in fact supposed to be doing is not engaging.

When school is designed to fight the very nature of kids, how can we expect great results?