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Tales of people

People love stories. But more than that, people love stories about other people. It’s the power of example, the idea that someone had that experience, that someone was present when it happened, that someone was able to accomplish such a thing that creates a powerful emotional impact. It makes it plausible and personal.

This is how examples work. It’s not just some theory anymore, it’s reality. It takes it to another level, where the discussion is not about if it’s possible or not, but if you are willing to do it or not.

A good example for this is a penalty shootout from football (soccer) where coaches assign their best penalty taker to shoot first. He stands out as an example for his team mates that will shoot after him. He shows them it’s possible, it builds their confidence and morale.

The same thing applies to every single domain. So no matter what you do or want to do, search for that person that did it before you, get inspired and get to work. If there’s no one and you will probably be the first, then it’s up to you to stand up and become a leader, a model for others to come.

Get inspired and inspire. That’s how things keep moving.