Knowledge is common. Logic is rare.

Supporting your local businesses

People would go to the local supermarket to save 1 dollar instead of going to the local store owned by someone from the community.

People would rather buy clothes from a big fashion retailer just because of its brand, even if they could get the same or even a better quality for a local brand which probably would charge them less.

People would rather eat at a big fast food chain even if they could go out and enjoy a great meal from a local restaurant.

People would rather buy things from a multinational company while a local company could offer a similar solution.

Money is made to go around, be exchanged, travel, but as it travels farther and with multiple nods on the way it will come back harder and in a smaller amount. Thus, the choices listed above will take money out of the local community and move it to a different one.

While everyone is free to choose whatever they want, a small short term benefit might lead to a long term inconvenience. It’s important to know that these choices will have an important influence on the way local communities develop and on one’s happiness.

The closer a thing is to you, the greater impact on your well-being it will have.