common. Logic

Straight forward

It’s the simplest way to do it, no matter what. When exposing an idea, doing a project, asking for funding, asking for a collaboration, going to an interview, launching a new product – it works the same for all.

Going around the problem or the subject is only going to make you lose time and precious resources. When everyone is under pressure from deadlines and tight budgets, most people will appreciate a direct approach. Save yourself and others the time and get to the point.

When thinking about a new product, idea or project, most times it helps to be the first on the market. It will offer you a nice advantage over the competition and an empty market to take advantage of. It will also offer you a lot of time to get feedback and improve before your competition arrives.

Also, when being in an interview take advantage of every second. Most recruiters have a lot of candidates to choose from, so keep it simple, straight forward and to the point. You have a few minutes, maybe, to capture attention and make a good impression. Stop wasting time with useless information and focus on what makes you stand out, what differentiates you from the rest.