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Skills or luck

Most people have a problem when someone else is rewarded, becomes successful or wins a game because of luck. Any other rational explanation like better skilled, more experienced, a better tactic, even being better looking will do, but luck isn’t acceptable. It does not make sense and it irritates people.

Luck is a big, constant part of life. In almost every game, every business, in every job luck will influence the results. Even if most people believe that mostly skills, experience, knowledge and hard work will make the difference, the truth is that luck will also play a big part in most cases.

When the differences are small, the one who gets a better day, the one who thinks of a solution a second faster, the one who decides to take a risk even if nothing suggests he would win – this is not about skills or knowledge, it’s about luck.

Here is where most people feel frustrated because others had that luck and they didn’t. They consider the other person not worthy of the success because luck influenced everything.

Actually, the other person has the merit of doing everything prior and after that moment of luck. In order for luck to strike you’ve got to do something, to get out of bed in the morning, to get moving, to start working, to create something, to put in the hard work, to take risks. People forget about all of these and see only that lucky moment.

Luck might make the difference but it won’t do much without all the work that lead to it.