Knowledge is common. Logic is rare.


“Since ” and a number. The lower the number, the better. A lot of companies, especially old ones, use to mention for how long they have been around. For how long they have been doing the same activities.

But now, more than ever, everyone is talking about the new. New start-ups are changing the world. Google, Facebook and the internet are forever changing the world as we know it even if they are a few years old.

Access to technology and resources allows start-ups to provide the same innovation and quality services as any other hundred years old company. Even more than that, in most cases, they even do better because being so new allows them to be more flexible. They are more open to the new and closer to their customers’ needs.

A good example is the oldest country in the world. Even if not many would have thought about it, San Marino is the oldest country in the world. Even if so, in the world’s context this does not mean much. Clearly it is not the richest. Nor is it the biggest, in fact it’s one of the smallest. It is not a leading country in innovation. And, even if it’s the oldest, it’s clearly not the most well known country.

A story is about significant events and memorable moments, not about how much time has passed.