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Save yourself for later

We live in a fast moving world. Everything needs to be done now, to be done fast and good. There is no time to wait, no time to lose as some might say.

We have a tendency to rush things under this pressure from others and from ourselves. This might be a good thing if it leads to better productivity, to faster thinking, being constantly alert, ready to make a difference, to make the most of every change we get.

But not all things follow this pattern. Creativity sure doesn’t, inspiration neither. Also problems that need solving, sometimes, need some time to be thought through, to be understood, processed and solved. This are the moments when you need to slow down, get away from the problem, maybe even ask for the opinion of someone from outside the situation.

Slowing down, sometimes, might make you get faster to where you want than rushing. The secret is to know when to balance the two and slow down or sprint according to the situation.