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Reduce drag

Drag is everything that is slowing you down, that prevents your project from taking off, anything and everything that makes you lose speed and productivity.

In a lot of companies, especially in big multinationals, procedures are one of the main sources of drag. This is why most innovation, flexibility and creativity comes from start-ups and small companies. They don’t need to stop their flow and follow a procedure, they just go out there and do it. Procedures are good only if they reduce drag and increase speed.

There are also a lot of people that can slow you down. People who oppose you are usually a source of drag. The best thing you can do is just ignore them. You don’t really need them, except for the buzz they create, and if you ignore them, the greater buzz they will create. You don’t need anyone to try and stop you, but don’t confuse a critical voice for someone who will only create drag. Criticism can be good.

Everything that you do or that happens around you and makes you lose focus and get out of rhythm is a source of drag. If you can remove it, that’s perfect. If not, try at least to postpone it to a period when you know you are either not that productive, or when you are already tired. Save your best periods for your work.

In order to increase speed you will need to drop anything that’s holding you behind.