common. Logic

Quality or quantity

You can either choose to address the masses or you can commit to quality. You have to choose. Masses don’t afford the high quality and the ones who do don’t want what the masses can have. It’s not profitable to try and do both. What’s in the middle is not profitable enough to stray away from the edges.

Quality will make you constantly want to improve, to do things better, not to compromise. It will be a constant search for perfection, for the best combination of elements using the best materials. You can always do better so you will always have your hands full with increasing your quality.

Quantity will make you want to speed up things, to push the limit and reach out to more and more people. It will be a constant search to increase production, to cut corners and to reduce costs. There is always someone you could sell to if only you had a lower price.

Choose what fits you best, not what you think that people want. There is always a market for both.