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On the road

I write this while on a 2 hours journey by train. As I stay here and watch people around me I observe almost the same pattern I see on every travel I make, no matter if by plane, train or anything else. It’s extremely interesting to see what people do while traveling.

Some of them use this time to take a nap, others to read a book, watch a movie or have a conversation with someone. You will always also find someone trying to do some work, write a presentation, finish a report.

Most people who travel several times a year perceive this time as free time, part of the vacation and use it as relaxation time. On the other hand people who travel a lot will try to use this time at its fullest. For them this is as good as any other opportunity to get some work done.

And then you have the crazy passionate ones. The ones for which it doesn’t matter where they are, who’s around, or what time it is. They have to do their thing. You can see they are doing some work by the concentration you can read in their eyes, but you can also see that for them it’s a relaxation moment when they can fully focus on their passion.

Passion can turn any moment into a pleasant relaxing one.