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Offer no recipes

I don’t believe in recipes. They don’t work and they create the false impression that by copying what someone else did will have the same result. The truth is that it never does and people end up disappointed. When someone tries to apply a recipe and they don’t succeed they will get depressed because there’s probably something wrong with them.

The problem with recipes is that they are made by one person based on their experience, their tastes, their way of being. Every recipe is personal, there is no one true formula that is going to work for everyone.

You won’t see any great chef telling you exactly the amount of ingredients you need to add. They will just tell you what to put in and advise you to taste it as you go along and work from there.

This is exactly how things should work in life. Learn from others, see what they did and what skills, aptitudes and knowledge they had and work from there. Never try to copy someone else, instead try to understand what they did and why. Then apply your observation on your own skills and style.

There is no recipe for success, but the key to failure is trying to be someone else.