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Making products that need to be sold

What is your approach: making people want the products you have to offer or offering the products people want/need?

With the industrial revolution, most companies began making products that needed to be sold. And with the invention of the radio and television, advertising was specifically designed to push products to people. Until recently, this has been the main engine of the consumerist society of modern times. Creating a product, making as many copies as cheap as possible, and persuading people into buying them even if they didn’t really need them.

As many have noticed though, things are gradually changing. More companies become aware of the fact that it’s far more relevant to create products that sell themselves, rather than “force feed” the market. Investing in finding what people want and delivering a product designed for their needs is also much cheaper, and reduces the risk of developing products to which the market will not respond.

Don’t build a product and then ask yourself what you have to do for people to buy it, rather ask yourself what people need and build that instead.