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Making it too easy

Recently I have read that you can have an interview with only 3 questions. Nothing strange about this until I saw the questions.

1.  Can you do the job?
2.  Will you love the job?
3.  Can we tolerate working with you?

I can answer all three with only one word, “Yes”. It is that easy apparently.

Actually, the first question is meant to see your strengths, the second to see your motivation and the third to see if you could fit in. These aspects are essential when recruiting but the problem comes from the fact that you can say anything in an interview. And when confronted with such a situation people will tend to tell you want you want to hear.

Talking is easy. What I would really be interested in seeing is things already done. Those hardly lie about a person’s abilities, motivation and personality.

1.  Show me what you delivered in your previous jobs.
2.  Show me projects you have done by yourself.
3.  Show me your social network accounts or better yet, your blog.

So, the next time you hear those three questions in an interview, try to answer as if you heard the three things I said above. If this won’t get you the job it means that’s not the company you want to work for. But if you get accepted it will surely be a great match. Either way, you win.

Action will always speak louder than words.