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Making a profit

Is making a profit your main focus? Do you focus all your attention on how to increase your profit or is money only a means of reaching your real goal?

If you look back at how most companies started, you will notice one thing. None of them had their main focus on making a profit. Facebook was about keeping people connected. Apple was about technology and innovation. But as time passed, their goal changed into making a profit.

Now Facebook is all about the stocks, new ways to put adds on mobile devices and increasing profit. Apples’ latest actions have been all about securing their position, lawsuits with Samsung and replacing Google apps on their devices.

On the other hand, there is Tiffany & Co with their “True Love in Pictures” Project. Their focus was on creating a story, something memorable for people to share and enjoy. Their main focus was on delivering the story. And people acknowledged it. People reacted. The project went viral, it created buzz and not to mention their stocks raised 10% (while the stocks of Apple and Facebook dropped).

If you keep your eyes on making a profit, everything that’s important will pass you by without you noticing it.