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Make a statement

With your vision once determined, you will have to go even farther and turn it into a statement. Putting your vision on paper and letting people know about you and your dream is the next step you will have to take.

In order to achieve something great, to make your vision become true and realize your dream you will have to believe in it. You will have to see it, picture it, live with it every single day. The best thing to do is turn your vision into a statement.

Get a sheet of paper and start writing down your vision. Make it as clear as possible and as short as possible. From this you will have to create a statement, a clear message of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and what is going to happen when you do.

This will be the story of your dream. Memorize it word by word, keep it in mind and repeat it as often as possible. Share it with your parents, friends, and with anyone who asks about your dreams or goals.

Once you are able to see it, you will achieve it.