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Learn to share

Sharing is one of the most important aspects of any professional life. No success can be achieved without sharing your work, products, solutions, innovations and creations with others.

But simply sharing what you have done is not enough. We live in a world full of noise and information that comes from all directions. This is why we filter most of what’s around us. That’s why when you think about sharing your work with others, you will have to break these filters, get above the noise and make yourself heard and listened to.

No matter how great or special your work is, if it turns out that the people who you share it with have no use for it, it won’t matter much. That’s why you have to carefully choose your audience and the target you share your story with. Make sure they are the ones most interested or in most need of what you are going to share.

Most probably, you are not going to be the only one that is doing that kind of work or who offers a solution to that problem. That’s why you will have to show what’s special about you, how you differentiate yourself and why people should choose you and not the other person.

And above all you will have to make your audience feel and vibrate alongside with you. You will have to touch them with your story, to conquer not only their minds, but also their feelings in the process.