Knowledge is common. Logic is rare.

Why keep it a secret

I had a lot of flights in the last period and I usually like to sit in the first few rows in the airplane, right after business class.

One thing I noticed is that right after takeoff they pull the curtains almost until landing. Why is that? Do people in the first class like the privacy? Is there something to hide?

I don’t believe people in first class love the idea of privacy so much when it comes to this. It’s not like the other passengers don’t see them while boarding. So this seems out of question.

Is it because the air companies don’t want people from economy to see the special treatment people in first class get? Why would you want to hide that? I, for one, would encourage it. This way, more people would see the benefits of flying first class. Get a glance on what they are missing and think again next time they buy a ticket.

If it’s not a privacy issue then by all means, show off. Show people what they are missing. This is how you promote your services and get more people wanting the “premium feel” you get when flying business.