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Keep it simple

I guess you have heard this at least once until now, but I can’t stress it enough. People still believe that if you make things more complicated, with more features or options, they’re going to be more attractive.

Actually the opposite is true. People want the simplest way that will solve their needs.

The trick is to find the needs and to find a way to combine them and offer a product to satisfy different needs, but which are similar and can be covered by the same product.

A pen will always be a pen. It solves a basic need and that’s all they do. On the other hand, phones have turned into smart phones that satisfy a lot of different needs right now. That’s because people love comfort and availability. But overdoing it, adding too many features and trying to turn it into something else, will probably ruin it.

There is no such thing as too simple. Find the need and create a product to satisfy it. If you can merge more needs into one product then it’s even better. But remember, keep it simple, no matter how many needs you address.