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In what we trust

We put our trust in so many. We trust things; we trust our car to start in the morning, the internet to run, the knife to cut, the phone to have enough battery to last us until we get home. We trust people; we trust the weather girl to tell us if we should take an umbrella or not, our friends to be there for us, people whom we admire to impress us, our loved ones to always be our loved ones. We also trust brands, Gods, imaginary friends, institutions, even the universe.

Trust is built over time by constantly making the same decisions. If you constantly buy from a certain brand, eat at the same place, spend quality time with certain people, you’ll tend to keep doing that exact same choice.

This is our way of skipping the decision making cycle and use past decisions for our present choices. We do this because is comfortable; it’s easy to use an old decision over and over again instead of always analyzing the situation and repeating the decision making cycle.

The problem with this is that eventually they’ll end up by letting us down. It’s normal because everything changes, we do, they do and, at one point, when we count on them to be as we expected or as we knew them, they won’t.

What we can do is put our trust in our principles, constantly make decisions based on the present situation and not on the past or prior decisions. This might need more effort and time spent, but it will certainly lead to better decisions and less disappointment.