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Impossible is nothing

I am surprised that people, and especially some trainers and motivational coaches, still use this line. It’s a great way to impress, to show off or to promote a product but that’s it. And many people still defend it as if it were true.

It’s clear that anything may happen. This is what people usually use as an argument when defending this statement. Anything has a probability of happening, I don’t argue with that, but considering how slim that probability is, in some cases you can easily call it impossible.

Things like making a trillion dollars by tomorrow or becoming the president of the US by the end of the week or finding a cure for cancer or HIV in 5 minutes are some of the impossible things I am talking about. If you believe impossible is nothing, then please put your money where you mouth is and prove it. This is what being authentic in what you teach or preach is all about. This is what makes you believable, real, successful, a leader and not just another person throwing around words. But you won’t accomplish them. You can’t.

I dare you to say it again.

P.S. If you refer to living a fulfilling life, loving the work you do, being happy or any other personal subjective goal, then this statement applies and it’s actually the only time I encourage and support it. This kind of things are up to you and how you perceive things. The only actual change is in your mindset, your way of thinking and there, indeed, impossible is nothing.