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Implementation of ideas

When thinking of starting a new business, developing a new product, a company, and go entrepreneur, most people think about ideas. It’s the thing that people normally think it’s a must when trying to produce the billion dollar company.

The problem with ideas is that they also need implementation. If you want to think of a model, think of a brilliant idea as worth 1000 dollars, a good idea 100 dollars, a bad idea 10 dollars. On the other hand, an excellent implementation is worth 10000, a good implementation is 100, a bad implementation is 10, and no implementation is 0.

The truth is that ideas are worth nothing without the implementation part. No one will pay anything for an idea, at least not an important sum of money. Implementation is the key element behind any idea. The opposite is also true, if you don’t have an idea to implement then you’ve got no starting point.

Ideas and implementation go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other and be successful.