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I got to vs I get to

I got to vs I get to is the perfect example how your words and how you phrase your life makes the difference between happiness and sadness, between an awesome life and a dull one.

You have to get up and go to work. You have to do your tasks. You have to go to the gym. You have to eat your vegetables. You have to go to that network party. You have to… Everything is an obligation nowadays, even your leisure time activities. You just have to take a vacation, go see a movie with your girlfriend, go to that birthday party, buy that new TV set.

On the other had, there are people who get to go to that great job, get to do awesome things at work, get to workout, get to eat healthy, get to meet all these incredible people. For them everything is a chance. A chance to do, learn, improve, connect, enjoy.

Changing just a single word in how you phrase your life can create a totally different image on your activities. Everything offers a reason to be happy, a chance to learn, an opportunity to do something exciting, but it’s up to you if you see it as an obligation or as an opportunity.

You can change that “I got to” into “I get to” anytime. It’s all a matter of how you phrase it.