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What are you going to choose today?

I see a lot of people unhappy with the way the look, the job they have, the place they live, the friends/ boyfriend/ husband they have, their lifestyle. The person you are today is made of all the choices from yesterday and the day before and the day before that… These choices define who, how and what we are today.

But, today is a new day. A new day full of possible choices to be made. The big question is: What are you going to choose today? Are you still going to make the same choices that you did the day before? Are you going to keep making the same choices that make you unhappy, bored, dissatisfied, sad or are you going to make different ones?

You can choose to eat that unhealthy food or you can have a salad today. You can sit all day and watch TV or you could go out for a run or even a long walk this evening. You can be afraid and avoid taking any chances like always do or you can get out of your comfort zone for once. You can keep smoking or just not smoke for a day. You can complain about all of the wrong things in your life or you can make one better today.

You don’t need to make a lifetime commitment not to smoke, to eat healthy, to take risks or exercise each day. You just have to make a choice for today. Tomorrow is a different day, with different choices, but you will also be different. These small decisions you made today will define a different you for tomorrow. And, maybe, that person with today’s experience of new and different choices, might make better ones.

Every day is full of choices and the choices you make today define who you will be tomorrow.