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Give more, get more

Everyone wants to maximize profit. Companies want to make as much money as they can, employees want to have the biggest salary possible, entrepreneurs want their companies to be worth as much as possible.

In their search for profits everyone has the tendency to offer as less as possible while trying to increase their profit margin. What this mentality creates is low quality products and price wars and no one wants to be involved in that. It’s a race to the bottom with no winners.

On the other hand there are people who offer, and offer a lot. They don’t even think about the getting part at all. They do it because that’s what they love, because they believe in sharing and caring. Nevertheless these are the people who usually get more than the ones running after profits.

Society values quality, added value, emotions, feelings, people who care, offer and think about others before thinking of themselves. And society rewards these people. Offering more will always scale by receiving even more, while trying to get as much as possible will lead to a race to the bottom.

Instead of thinking how to get more, think about how to offer more.