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Focus on your talents

We are all different. It’s in our DNA to be unique. We all have inborn preferences, abilities, talents and potential. Even if we are all capable of doing most things other people can, the degree to which we can do them, the level at which we can master them depends a lot of these inborn capabilities.

Even without training most people can run the 100 meters in under 15 seconds. With a bit of training they can go under 14 and with some decent training they can go under 13. Almost all professional sprinters can run the 100 meters under 12 seconds. But from here on is where things change. Out of all of them only a few manage to go under 11 seconds and from among them only a group of 10-15 people manage to go under 10.

It’s the same for everything else. We’re all capable of doing most things at a normal level, but to excel, that’s something completely different. To excel means to focus on what you are good at, what you like, what comes natural to you, the thing you can do with a maximum of enthusiasm and improve up to the point where others can’t.

Most people don’t even know what their true talent is and most of them will never do. This is because people don’t experiment, they just take things for granted, take a path and follow it without focusing on what they are really good at.

Finding out what you are really good at is not hard at all. It comes natural. Most times is the thing you enjoy doing the most, the thing you can do better than anyone else who’s at the same level of practice as you are. That’s your talent, focus on it.

Stop trying to be mediocre, focus on your talent and become memorable.