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Fear of deadlines

Work, no matter how hard, boring or challenging, would be just work if it wasn’t for deadlines. When deadlines come into play, work changes and becomes a commitment. A commitment to deliver your part, an idea, a product.

Delivering scares you. You have no problem doing the work. Work does not scare you because as long as you don’t have to deliver something, to produce something, you are safe. Delivering, on the other hand, means that your work will be available to others. That is why many people push deadlines and refuse to deliver.

Overcome fear. Work without delivering means nothing. Give yourself deadlines. Make a commitment to deliver even if the result is not exactly as you would want it to be. Do whatever it takes to have the best product before the deadline but when the date comes deliver no matter what.

Make a commitment to deliver something, make it now and deliver.