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Failing better

Failing is never a good thing. If you could keep on winning without ever failing it would be great, but it’s impossible. You are going to fail, eventually. Now it’s up to you how and what you will learn from it and if you put to good use the things you’ve learned.  Sometimes failing can be a great lesson and even better than success.

Failing comes in different types, sizes and shapes. You can fail a task, a project or a dream, you can fail with great consequences or with small ones, you can fail professionally or emotionally. Your failure can affect only yourself or it can affect your friends, partners, or your business.

But no matter how or in what you fail, failing is still failing. The notion of failing better is a way of trying to mask failure, to focus on the positive aspects and neglect the negative. This might sound like a good idea, but it’s actually the worst thing you could do. Failure can be such a good lesson because of the failing, the mistakes, the bad moves you made, not of the good things.

When failing, focus on what you did wrong and learn from that.