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Expressing your opinion

One of the fundamental rights is freedom of speech. People want it, they strive for it and would fight or even die for it. You can see this clearly from the events in the past year. Yet after the momentum passes and after they enjoy and take profit of the newly acquired freedom, it soon begins to fade away.

People will stop saying whatever comes to their minds if they can do it for long enough. It’s not that they don’t have something to say. Everything that happens around you, everything you perceive and interact with will produce a reaction, a thought, an opinion. The change comes from the fear to express what you feel. The fear of being judged, being open about your beliefs, of having people focused on you. The fear of looking stupid and especially of being called stupid by others.

What this fear does is limit dialogue and communication. It will lower interaction, cut off connections, reduce idea generation and destroy relationships. Freedom of speech may allow all these but it will also create the fear that can cut them all off. It took courage to obtain freedom of speech, now your courage is needed to express yourself, to say what’s on your mind and make sure that the sacrifices that brought it will not have been in vain.

Express yourself no matter how and what you think, and if you can do it as feedback it’s even better.