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Everything’s big

When you work on your goal, dream, company, project, everything’s big.

This is all about attitude. People treat things, challenges, opportunities differently based on how important they believe they are for their goals. If you want to make a billion dollars, lose 10 kilos or build a career, most probably you will set some milestones. Those are going to be your big things and go down from there in importance.

The reality is that everything’s important, everything’s big. If your goal is to build your career, there is no day more important than the other. The interview day is as important as your first day and as any other day. You don’t have to give your best on the interview, the first day or the probation period. You have to do that all the time.

Every day is important. Every day is an opportunity to grow, to get better and create something meaningful. Take advantage of every single moment you have to give your best. That’s the only way to improve and reach mastery.

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