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Don’t be so stiff

It’s all about your attitude towards the things around you, the people you meet and life in general. Stiff people tend to be reluctant to change, more difficult to communicate with, harder to collaborate with, and unpleasant to be around of. People hate it when you are stiff.

Seriously. You are doing it right now. Stop that, relax, put a smile on your face and don’t worry. Being stiff will never help you. Ever. On the contrary, it will only do you harm so as soon as you change your attitude the better it will be.

A relaxed person will be more opened towards others, will create more meaningful relationships and communicate better. This is the cornerstone of any good relationship, business or personal.

Once you let go of your rigidity, you will become more adaptable to any situation you will encounter, to any challenges that might arise. Being adaptable to change is one of the secrets to succeed in a constantly changing world, environment and society.

Stiff people find it hard to smile, enjoy and be happy.