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Do the messy things

You can’t push your deadlines for ever. You can’t stay locked in your office all day long. You can’t avoid answering to the complains from your customers for ever. You can’t always expect someone else to tell you what to do all your life.

Every job or activity has some messy part that everyone is trying to avoid and pass it on to someone else. You could try to run and postpone it as much as possible, or you could as well step up and face it.

Many companies, good ones, try to run from negative feedback from customers. They ignore emails, don’t return calls, delete comments or posts on social networks. They try to hide the mess like it doesn’t even exist. On the other hand there are those who reply to every email, every phone call, every social network interaction.

Value comes from scarcity, from doing what others are afraid of doing. Like it or not, the messy part of every job or business is what’s going to make the difference between the good and the great.

If you want to become great you will have to get your hands dirty.