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Creativity needs courage

There is no creativity without courage. Creativity means to push the limits, to come with something new, to do things differently, to make connections that other people have not thought about before. More then these you need to show that to the world and fight for your ideas.

What you need to know is that things are a lot easier for creative people that it has ever been before. People are getting more and more weird, more opened to new ideas, to innovation, more willing to experiment and try new things. You can show your idea on-line and make it available to billions of people. And, you can do all this with almost no costs.

But what this does is open you to criticism, to the resistance and the status quo. With every people out there that can support your idea there are also people who will reject it. Here you need the courage to show your work. To expose yourself to criticism and accept the possibility that you might fail.

Courage is what drives innovation.