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Bucket list

The idea behind bucket lists is to write the things you would like to do before you die and start doing them. These are the things you dream of doing, at least once, before you die, just for the fun of it, personal enjoyment, soul healing. It’s the personal equivalent of a work to-do list.

While I believe that everyone should have such a list and get to tick off everything on it, I don’t agree with the idea behind the bucket lists “to do before you die”. Even if it’s about things done for personal enjoyment people tend to postpone them because they are too busy with day to day tasks, their job, kids, making money. Because of this the things on the list will still be there year after year while death always seems so distant in the future and people believe that there will always be time.

What I think would be a much better idea is to have a Bucket list for the year. Create your big bucket list and then divide it by years. Divide them so that you can do everything on the list as soon as possible because you will always find something new to add to your big bucket list. No matter what you do, by the end of the year you have to tick off everything on it. Start each year with a new bucket list and end it with an empty one.

While my to-do lists are always a priority, my bucket lists are at the top.