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Being jobless

The current economical situation, the changes in companies and the financial situation have left a lot of people jobless. More and more people are struggling to find a job. The  social group that was hit the hardest by the current recession is teenagers and young people. Most times it’s people who are trying to find their first job but no one will hire them.

The only – and if not the only, the biggest – downside of being jobless is that you don’t have a constant, continuous, certain source of income. This is why most people search for a job and also the reason why most companies won’t hire; they don’t want another person on their payroll without being sure that they will need that person.

On the other hand, being jobless comes with a lot of other advantages that free time offers; the availability to work on anything you like, the ability to focus your learning and developing new skills in any domain, sufficient time to go to all kinds of events, to network and meet people, and most of all, time to experiment.

In a changing environment this might just be the perfect opportunity to succeed. While most people are busy working in the same broken system that has brought the actual crisis, the jobless have all the necessary time to go around and build something new, something better, the chance to make a difference, to drive change and improve.

Thinking that after the economical crisis things will go back the way they where is just a foolish dream.