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Being an artist

You don’t have to be a painter, a musician, a photographer or an actor to be an artist. Even if most people associate these activities with artists, the fact is that anyone can be an artist. Art means taking an activity to a level beyond what normal people can do, it means to master it, to be creative, to create something out of the ordinary and to be memorable, no matter what you do.

Messi is an artist. Anthony Robbins is also an artist. Even Margaret Thatcher is an artist. These are all people who took what they did at a level that is not accessible to everyone else and changed the game and became memorable. They are the ones who have courage to go beyond what everyone else is doing, they assume responsibility and put in the hard work.

Doing the hard things, facing and overcoming fear creates value. In a world where most people strive to be normal, to fit the norms and just be like everyone else, the ones getting rewarded are artists. They get the best jobs, the best projects, the biggest pay check, fame, attention, notoriety.

Artists are all about passion, focusing on their talent, exploiting their advantages, facing fear and making a change.