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Assume responsibility

This is one of the best things you can do. Once you fail take full responsibility for it and for your actions. Don’t try to find excuses, don’t try to see only the good part in it, and most of all don’t ignore it.

I have seen companies ignoring the mistakes they made or even worse, refusing to assume responsibility. This attitude will only drive clients away because it will make them feel unimportant, misunderstood or neglected.

There are entrepreneurs trying to hide the projects that have failed while leading people’s attention only towards the projects that have succeeded. This might seem like a good idea, but people will find out eventually and keep thinking what else they might be hiding from them.

Employees are always running away from responsibility. They hide behind their boss, supervisor, team-leader. They do it because they don’t want to be blamed from something going wrong, because they are afraid of the consequences this might have on their career.

While assuming responsibility comes with obvious risks, it also has hidden benefits most people are afraid to take advantage of. People, clients, investors and companies want to see initiative, to see you involved, to see you working hard to achieve things, to see your evolution, to see that you have learned from your mistakes, to see you fail. People want to see human beings with both failure and success on their part.

Assuming responsibility gains trust and creates bonds.