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Any feedback is good

Some people consider that feedback can only be positive. If it’s not positive it’s criticism, drag or something else that’s not useful.

Actually, any of the above can be feedback, it only matters how you see it and what’s your attitude towards it. A lot of people can get depressed and lose hope and motivation while reading something negative regarding their work or their person. The problem is not actually the message they receive, but the words, how the message is created and the negative emotion. The form is the actual problem and not the content.

The secret is not to take into consideration the form, to drop everything and just focus on the feedback and the basis. If it’s criticism, it must be based on a fact, action or behavior. Analyze only what it refers to and not the form it comes in. If it’s based on something real, then just try to improve and work from it. If it’s something that has no real basis, feel free to ignore it. It’s not even worth it to lose time replying to something that won’t bring any real value.

Strip everything down to facts and figures and consider that. Feedback can have many forms, it only depends if you can see below the surface.